SAP Concur
System Health Check

Evaluate and Enhance Your SAP Concur System for Optimum Performance

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At Innovel, we offer a comprehensive Concur Health Check for businesses of all sizes, helping you gauge the performance of your SAP Concur implementation. Our expert team conducts an unbiased and detailed assessment, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. This FREE service covers everything from existing issues to configurations and business processes, whilst we’ll also provide practical recommendations to enhance your system’s performance. 

Partnering with You to Improve
Your SAP Concur System

Innovel understands the significance of a high-performing SAP Concur system. Our expert team conducts thorough assessments, providing unbiased analysis and practical recommendations to optimise performance, streamline operations, and maximise productivity. Let us empower your organisation for sustainable growth and reach its full potential. 

Why Request a Concur Health Check?

Identify the current state of your SAP Concur Expense system and uncover areas for improvement.
Ensure your system is configured correctly and optimised to align with your processes.
Eliminate existing issues and pain points to streamline your business processes for smoother operations.
Leverage expert insights to make informed decisions and maximise your return on investment.
Receive practical recommendations tailored to your system's needs to boost efficiency and productivity.
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Our 3 Step Process:
Learn, Inspect, Review

Engage in a dicsovery workshop to understand your unique business objectives and requirements


Conduct a thorough system check to analyse your current configuration, idenitfy pain points and determine areas of improvement


Provide detailed recommendations based on best practices and industry expertise - presented in a comprehensive summary documnet