Migrating On-Premise
to Cloud

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Today’s world is undeniably digital, with new technologies rapidly advancing how business –and daily life – is conducted. Cloud computing has become a key component of digital transformation, enabling organisations to access their data anywhere in the world at any time. From scalability to flexibility and cost savings, many companies are making the move from their on-premise travel and expense (T&E) processes to the cloud.

Accelerate efficiency by Moving Your T&E Process to the Cloud


Moving your on-premise SAP T&E process to the cloud with SAP Concur can accelerate efficiency across your organisation. The SAP Concur’s cloud-based travel expense platform improves visibility into spend, streamlines expense reporting, and automates approval workflows. With real-time access to expense data and robust reporting capabilities, you can gain valuable insights into spending patterns, identify cost-saving opportunities, and improve compliance. Migrating your T&E processes to the cloud empowers your employees to focus on value-added tasks, ultimately enhancing productivity and providing a seamless user experience regardless of their device or location.

Benefits of Moving Spend Management to the Cloud

Enhanced User Experience
Automate expense processes, reduce manual data entry and streamline workflows for faster and more accurate expense management.
Improved Visibility
Gain real-time insights into spend data and access comprehensive reporting and analytics to make informed decisions.
Cost Savings
Reduce operational costs by eliminating manual processes, optimising spending, and identifying cost-saving opportunities.
Enhanced Compliance
Leverage the robust compliance feature of the solution to enable you to quickly update your policies when necessary or flag exceeded spend thresholds.
Receive practical recommendations tailored to your system's needs to boost efficiency and productivity.
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How can you scale with SAP Concur Solutions?
Scalable solution for business growth, all sizes.
Seamless integration with other ERP systems
Minimal implementation costs and quick ROI

We have the expertise and experience to guide you through a successful implementation, ensuring that you harness the full potential of the cloud for increased efficiency, scalability, and cost savings. Take the leap to the cloud with Innovel and unlock a world of possibilities for your organisation.