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In today’s dynamic business environment, efficient and secure invoice management is crucial. As a leader in AP management, SAP Concur Invoice automates the process, enabling your finance team to focus on strategic activities.

Innovel, an approved implementation partner, guides organisations of all sizes, providing a customer-centric approach. From discovery to utilisation, our experts ensure a smooth transition, offering system configuration, user training, and ongoing support. Streamline invoice processing, reduce processing times, accelerate payment cycles, and improve operational effectiveness with the expertise of Innovel and the power of This Invoice.

Unleash Efficiency: Harness the Speed and Flexibility of Concur Invoice

Simplify invoice processing with this Invoice’s automated approach, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Digitise invoices, extract data, automate workflows, and reduce errors. Capture, organize, and track invoices effortlessly, gaining real-time insights from a secure platform. Seamlessly connect with existing systems for streamlined processing.

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Is SAP Concur Invoice Right For You?

By automating invoice data entry, improving accuracy and reducing the risk of errors, Concur Invoice intelligently captures key information to simplify the invoice management process for your finance department and wider team.
By capturing invoices in any format, at any given time, SAP Concur Invoice gives you complete control, scanning paper and electronic invoices with swift routing for approval and payment.
Seamless Payments
Concur Invoice effortlessly connects with industry-leading financial systems and accounting software. This ensures smooth synchronisation of invoice data, keeping your records accurate and up-to-date in real-time – in a single intuitive and unified system.

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